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Home Security - Wireless Security Cameras-The Best Three

by:Fishcat     2020-05-23
For anyone who lives in a home they see anecdotal evidence every day of home burglaries and home invasions. It can be in a local newspaper story about a home invasion or it can be a story on TV about a burglary in a local neighborhood. Home burglary is one of the few areas of crime in the country that has risen in the last several years. While other crime categories fall, home burglary is on the increase. Why do you suppose that is? One of the reasons is because of the economy of course. But the main reason is burglars have finally figured out that homeowners really make it pretty easy to burglarize their homes. Police statistics will tell you that over 50 percent of all home burglaries happen through unsecured doors and windows. The bad guys don't even have to break in-they just walk in. Homeowners should start by locking all their doors and windows. Police will tell you that absolute best way to improve your home security is with a security camera. Wireless security cameras send a clear signal to the bad guys to stay away and pick on someone else. The best three wireless security cameras for home are: 1. The wireless indoor IP camera connects directly to your computer so you don't have to have a DVR. It uses a computer's hard drive to record images and is fully networkable. The software can support up to 16 cameras. You can view from anywhere in the world logging into the IP address. 2. The wireless color or day night bullet camera that has 30 built-in high infrared illuminators is fully weatherproof and offers great picture quality was 420 TV lines of resolution. 3. The wireless day night bullet camera with 56 LEDs allows you to see up to 60 feet at night in complete darkness. It uses a 1/3 inch super Sony HAD CCD sensor for great picture quality. Those are the best three wireless security cameras for home use. When you need to keep an eye on what's going at your home, office or business get a Hidden Security Camera. When are you getting one?
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