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Home Security: Most Popular Gadgets - The Top Four

by:Fishcat     2020-05-15
There are over 200 million homes in the United States and that doesn't count freestanding condominiums which are estimated at another 5 million units. Add in another million or so vacation homes and you have a lot of property that's vulnerable to different property crimes such as robbery and vandalism. Department of Justice figures show that one out of every six homes will be burglarized this year. A property crime occurs every 15 seconds somewhere in the United States. With this large number of properties to protect it is no wonder that the home security industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Along with that growth are a large number of home security products and gadgets all geared to protecting your property, which for many is the largest single investment they have. Admittedly, there are all kinds of home security gadgets on the market today to help prevent burglary. Here we are discussing four of the most popular ones. When was the last time you got accidentally locked out of your house? Believe it or not it happens more often than you think. And the old idea of hiding a key underneath the front doormat or a flowerpot doesn't work anymore because every burglar in the world knows that trick. That's where key hiders come in. Some of the more popular ones are disguised as a landscape rock or a sprinkler head. There's even a thermometer with a secret hiding place for a key. So you don't need to worry about locking yourself out of your house anymore. Just use one of these key hiders to keep your spare key safe. Many homes have freestanding storage sheds or outbuildings where they keep valuable tools or just for extra storage space. The siren padlock alarm is an aluminum padlock that sounds a 110 dB alarm if someone disturbs the padlock. The alarm function is separate from the locking function of the padlock. If the alarm is sounded, it will scare away any unwelcome intruder. There aren't many home security devices that are as effective as home security cameras. There isn't one person out of 100 who could tell this Fake Security Camera from the real thing. It has a 24 hour blinking LED that is so realistic no one can tell the difference from the real thing. If a burglar does get into your house, statistics show that he will spend no more than 10 minutes there for fear of being discovered. That is why diversion safes are so effective. They hide valuables using the principle of 'hiding in plain sight.' These are ordinary looking food and beverage containers that are hollowed out to store valuables such as jewelry, cash and documents. Those are four of the most popular home security gadgets.
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