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by:Fishcat     2020-05-24
If you haven't heard of home invasion where you live, then I must congratulate you for living in the safest part of the world. Home invasion has become the crime of choice for criminals, especially those addicted to drugs. And trust me, that's a lot of people! Home burglary, of course you've heard of it, is one of the most common crimes committed annually. And the number of all burglaries keeps going up. Part of the reason is because homeowners make it so darn easy. According to police statistics 90% of all home burglaries can be prevented. And 60% of them happen through unsecured doors and windows. The value of goods taken in a burglary is about $1700.00 with another $1700.00 worth of damage. That's bad enough! Home invasion is much more dangerous. A home burglary is usually committed by amateurs who are looking for some quick cash. Burglars are unarmed and operate by themselves. They operate during the daylight and are frequently in the house for no more than five or 10 minutes. Home invasions on the other hand are usually done by two or more people who are usually armed and often commit or threaten violence from rape to assault to murder. And drugs are usually involved. If you just look at police statistics you will see that home invasions, in an astonishingly high number of cases, start at the front door. The perpetrators knock on the front door and hope for the usual homeowner response-that of reflexively opening the door to see who is there. Once the door is open even an inch the home invaders will force their way in. Home burglars and home invaders don't want to get caught. The best thing that you can do to prevent a home burglary or home invasion is to install a security camera. The very best security camera for home invasion prevention is the Pan Tilt Camera with remote. It is designed to be installed outdoors so it is completely weatherproof and will operate in temperatures up to minus five degrees. It has an automatic pan capability that allows the camera to turn once and stay in that position for 5 seconds then rotate five times and stop. It includes a microphone so you can hear what is going on outside. The best feature allows you to hook it up to your television so you can see what your camera sees from the comfort of your own living room. The control box can also be connected to a VCR, DVR or hard drive on your computer to view or record images and sound. It has night vision capability with six built-in LEDs that allow a range of 16 feet. It includes 65 feet of cable which allows you to mount the camera in the best possible location to view your front yard, your front door, garage, side yard or even use it for commercial purposes. But the best purpose is for home invasion prevention. Install it at your front door and you can see who is at your front door without leaving your living room-an amazing capability. An additional 55 feet of cable is available. Improve your home security and help prevent home invasion with this fabulous security camera.
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