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Home Security: Hidden Cameras - New Models Keep

by:Fishcat     2020-05-14
There's a lot to be said for regular surveillance cameras located on the exterior of your house. When burglars see those cameras or security camera signs they more than likely will choose another target which is exactly what you want them to do. People who do home burglary for a living scout neighborhood areas looking for potential targets. If they see surveillance cameras or a sign that announces the property is protected by security cameras, they will pick another home. Having said that, most burglars that get caught, get caught by surveillance cameras or security cameras. It is astonishing to me that so many of them just don't pay any attention. Maybe they have a death wish and want to spend time in jail. Who knows? Close to 20 percent of all homes in the United States will fall victim to home burglary this year. Is your home going to be a target? In any event, here are some highly effective home security cameras that are also hidden cameras. They are all 'Xtreme Life' models that work in outdoor situations where there is no electricity or it isn't practical to run wires. They are called 'Xtreme Life' because they have extended battery lives. Aim them in the direction you want to record, and they will work for one year in standby mode and only record when there's activity in front of the camera. For help in getting the best viewing angle you can use the M 100 test monitor which is available as an accessory. The three new hidden security camera 'Xtreme Life' models are; the landscape stone, the electrical box and the wall clock. They all have motion activated, standard and overwrite recording modes. You can record up to 20 continuous hours in the recording mode and then recharge the 3.7 lithium battery. All of these cameras record in high resolution color. There is another indoor/outdoor home security camera that is networkable which means you can watch what your camera sees from anywhere you can get an internet connection. The Remote View Camera has a 500 foot line of sight recording capability even in complete darkness. It comes with a USB receiver that sends encrypted data directly to your hard drive for recording. It provides another level of flexibility for your home security enabling you to see what's going on wherever you have the camera from any location in the world. Those are four new cameras that you can use to improve your home security and capture images of would-be burglars to aid in their capture.
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