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Home Security - Four Cheap Products To Protect Your Home

by:Fishcat     2020-05-13
Ask any police officer or home security specialist 'what are some of the best ways to protect a home'? The answers may vary a little bit but home security cameras, home alarms and home alarm systems including surveillance systems will be at the top of the list. Those products do work. They are part of the reason why the home security industry is at $45 billion a year and growing. The only problem is that those products can be very expensive. Here we're going to discuss four cheap products to protect your home-getting more bang for your home security dollar. If a burglar is attempting to get into your house and he hears a home alarm, chances are pretty good that he'll get scared off. A good loud 110 dB door or window alarm can work wonders at scaring the bad guys away. They don't want to get caught. And even if there's no one at home when the alarm goes off, one of your neighbors will hear it. A 110 dB can be heard from as far as a quarter of a mile away. You can get a good door/window alarm for less than $10. Another cheap home security product is a home security sign. They offer an inexpensive and effective way of improving your home's security without breaking the bank. Burglars look for external signals from homeowners that a home is protected and home security signs are one of the best signals. You can get stickers that go in your windows or yard signs. They warn of security cameras or surveillance systems in place-without the actual cost of a security camera or surveillance system. This is another item you can get for under $10. Third on the list are dummy security cameras. Fake security cameras nowadays are so realistic that virtually no one can tell the difference between a fake and a real one-except the cost. You can get several fake security cameras for less than $10. Some have antennas that add to the realism. There is a cheap battery operated Fake Security Camera that has a panning motion that goes from right to left. It is one of the cheapest fake security cameras you can get at less than six dollars. And last on our list are security lighting products. If a burglar sees lights going on and off in a home at night he is going to make the assumption that someone is there. There is a programmable random lighting product that can handle as many as 20 different lights in your house. Program them to go on and off at different times and no one will know that you're not there. Those are four inexpensive home security products that will protect your home at a fraction of the cost of other alternatives. The neat thing is they all are very effective.
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