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Home Security Cameras - Product Reviews

by:Fishcat     2020-05-24
If there is any question in your mind about how big a business home security is then you don't watch TV very much. There are stories about home burglaries and home invasions on almost daily. There are commercials about a home security product or service on almost hourly. The 60 billion dollar industry is booming. Part if the reason is homeowners make it so easy to get into their homes. According to law enforcement officials fully ninety percent of all home burglaries are preventable with sixty percent of them happening through unsecured windows and doors. Homeowners can't make it much easier can they? One of the best ways to improve your home security is with security cameras both indoors and outdoors. They send a message to the bad guys to stay away or else get caught. Here are some of the best. 1. The alarm clock hidden camera for internal home security is hard to beat. Aim it in the direction you want to record and no one will be able to tell they are being recorded. It comes with several options including wired or wireless, color or black and white images and high power which enables wireless transmissions of up to 2500 feet-nearly one half mile. The newest option is to get the all-inclusive model that has a DVR built-in. 2. The vandal resistant Dome Camera with 540 TV lines for great picture resolution. It has 36 IR LED's for night vision up to 80 feet in complete darkness. It can be manually rotated 360 degrees and a manual tilt of 10 to 120 degrees. It is fully weatherproof for use in any outdoor conditions. 3. The High Resolution day night color camera with wide angle lens. It has night vision capability of 150 feet at night with 540 TV lines of resolution. The 9-22 mm wide angle lens doubles your view. When you need to keep an eye on what's going at your home, office or business get a Hidden Security Camera.
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