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Home Security Cameras - Know The Different Types

by:Fishcat     2020-05-15
Home security is one of the most ongoing concerns of almost every home owner in the present day evil world. Today, there are quite a number of devices available for securing a domicile and modern day home security cameras are one of these effective devices. The safety and protection provided by these cameras can help in protecting the homes and residents in the best possible manner. The use of these security cameras is not just limited to homes, as now even the big companies and production houses have started using these cameras for a wide range of purposes. These safety tools can help a lot in safeguarding a premise from thefts and unwanted breach, thereby helping in monitor the premise for 24x7. Further in this article, I have discussed a list of some highly effective home security surveillance devices. Have a closer look at the below mentioned camera devices and select a suitable one for your home. 1. Dome Camera It is one of the most commonly used high security surveillance devices at residential places. These cameras are dome shaped and can be easily fixed on the ceiling. They can even be installed outside the abode for enhanced home security. These cameras are excellent in terms of security as it is almost impossible to figure out at what angle the camera is aiming. The cameras have adjustable and even rotating lenses that can record in various angles. 2. Board Cameras These cameras can also be said as the most used forms of surveillance devices. They are normally available in the form of a fixed lens over a mounted board or in a small packaged case. They are normally sold singly and the owner has the discretion to install the same at a desired spot. These cameras make use of pinhole lenses and are widely used as secret supervision devices. 3. Bullet Cameras These cameras are called so because they make use of a bullet like cover. They are quite small in size and have innovative incorporated designs. Certain bullet cameras have integrated infrared LED technology. This light is not visible to the normal human eye and is mainly used to carry on surveillance in darkness. These cameras are waterproof and can monitor the region for 10-50 feet. So, these are some of the highly effective and reliable home security cameras that can be used for protecting the residential premises from any kind of unwanted events.
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