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Home Security Cameras and Systems to Protect Your Home

by:Fishcat     2020-05-19
Improving home security has become a hot topic in our country, especially with the downturn in our economy. We ever increasingly hear of home invasions and of home burglaries. Fortunately there are many systems in the marketplace that can protect your home and your family from becoming a victim of crime. Home security cameras come in many shapes, sizes and price ranges. Whether you own your own home or rent an apartment, it would be wise to determine just how safe your home is and find ways to make it less of a target. According to recent statistics, a burglary occurs in our country every 15 seconds. The cost of burglary is not only what has been taken from you but also the feeling of having your private surroundings violated. Other associated costs are the time to report the crime to authorities, your insurance company and the time to ascertain exactly what has been stolen and to replace it. My home was broken into years ago and I remember going to get something months after the burglary only to find that it was no longer there. I hadn't noticed that it was missing when I filed the initial report but kept finding things missing for months afterwards. Home burglaries are common because they are very easy to do. Many times homes are not locked up or burglars can access the home through a garage remote control left in a car. Many break ins happen during the daylight hours. Thieves can watch your coming and goings for a couple of days to learn when your home is unoccupied. Obviously if you have a good home security strategy and installation, the burglar will simply choose a home that is easier to break into. As easy as it is to break into a home, it is just as easy to protect it with security cameras and/or alarms. Simple and inexpensive systems include: -window/door sensors or motion detectors that will be triggered when an intruder appears -glass breakage alarms -motion alert alarms -barking dog alarms that can sense movement through walls -door guard alarms (great for travel) -simple wireless security systems Many of these systems will dial a series of phone numbers to alert you to the intrusion. Some will let you listen in so that you can determine if there is indeed a crime being committed. Phone numbers could be to yourself, a neighbor or even a security monitoring company. As we move up in sophistication, and price, we can install 4, 8, or even 16 channel home security cameras that can include digital recorder systems (D.V.R.'s). These systems will monitor your home and record any movement onto a hard drive. You can then go back and view any happenings at your convenience. These systems can be hooked up to monitors on the premises or the feed can be sent to you at any computer station, laptop or even mobile device. You then have the ability to monitor your home from wherever you are. These systems can be wired or wireless. A wireless system would be ideal for an apartment in that you would be able to easily take it with you when you move. Wireless systems can also be installed very easily and quickly. It has been found that homes without security cameras or systems are three times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. It really isn't a matter of cost anymore. There are plenty of cost effective home security systems that can fit any budget. Many of the systems mentioned previously can be had for well under $100. That seems to be a very small price to pay for the added feeling of safety and security that you will have when your leave your home. Make sure that your home is as safe and secure as possible and that it will look the same when you get home as it did when you left it.
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