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Home Security 101 - Back to Basics

by:Fishcat     2020-05-22
With nearly one out of six homes on an annual basis the victim of a home burglary, why don't homeowners take home security more seriously? Home burglary happens every 15 seconds. And burglars don't pick homes as targets randomly. They do it deliberately! It is a process called 'casing' a neighborhood. Homeowners can do some basic things to make their home less attractive as a target to burglars. So here's home security 101-back to the basics. 1. First don't leave doors and windows open even in the summertime. Keep them locked even when you're at home. Sixty percent of all home burglaries happen through unlocked doors and windows. 2. Second join or start a neighborhood watch program. It is a great way to get to know your neighbors and the old strength in numbers idea prevails. It's free and very effective. 3. Remove excess shrubs around lower-level entryways like doors and windows. They make great hiding places for the bad guys to get easy access to your house. 4. Put up some signs in your front yard warning of a vicious guard dog, NRA membership, or a home security system. 5. If you're gone from your home make sure it always looks like someone's there. Have someone mow the lawn, pick up to newspapers, etc. The idea of making your home less attractive as a target is really easy way towards improving your home security. I call it putting out the 'unwelcome mat'-letting the bad guys know that they are in for a hard time if they decide to pick your house. All these things are free. If you want to spend some money for under $100.00 you can get a barking dog alarm. Plug it in, point in the direction you want to protect and if anyone approaches within 20 feet the sound of an angry barking dog starts. Police tell us that a barking dog is one of the most effective tools to prevent home burglary. When are you getting one?
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