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Five development considerations for smart sockets

by:Fishcat     2020-02-28
Nowadays, the concept of 'light intelligence' has become a new trend after smart phones. Entrepreneurial teams smell business opportunities and start with the products that are most easily perceived by users. Smart sockets undoubtedly become the best representatives. Five matters needing attention in the development of smart sockets: first, the choice of wifi module WiFi module is the control center of the whole intelligent system, and its stability directly determines the performance of smart sockets. At present, TI is still the main WIFI scheme in the market. TI, as a semiconductor giant, is one of the earliest manufacturers to launch WiFi solutions. TI chips are mostly used for intelligent WiFi products, for example, most of the previously launched products such as BoardLink and the intelligent remote control and socket products of oribo, which are jointly launched with Xiaomi Router, use the CC3000 module of TI. The advantage of TI's solution lies in its high maturity and stability. Its subsequent upgraded version of CC3100 and CC3200 single chip solution integrated with MCU have very good performance, in the case of 'wifi smart plug development' completed by the Express package platform before, the service provider chose TI's CC3100 chip for development, it is believed that TI's WIFI module will be more widely used in intelligent hardware products in the future. For details of the case, please click ', second, circuit safety considerations, this is very important! When the author communicated with the high-quality service provider of the express package platform, the engineer repeatedly emphasized this point. The best performance of a product is only the icing on the cake. The safety of the product directly determines its market. In safety design, special attention should be paid to the selection of transformers. As there is a certain mechanical structure inside the transformer, it is required to act firmly. After many actions, a transformer that can still ensure stable contact, has small internal resistance and can withstand large current is preferred. Third, the appearance of humanized design, some wifi socket is very large, plug in the plug row occupies a large area, next to the Jack can not be used. Some designs are very good and do not occupy other jacks, so the shape of the appearance is also very important. In addition to the appearance, it is necessary to have a beautiful appearance. It is necessary to know that the product performance is better, the user preference is more important, the appearance is the first impression of the product, and many companies focusing on research and development specialize in outsourcing the design part. On the express package platform, there are also many such cases, of which a project of 'appearance and structural design of 86-type wall socket' is a good example. Employers have completed the realization of product functions, he hoped to find an engineering team who is good at structural design to design an attractive shell, so he chose to contract on the fast package platform and find a more professional person to complete it. At present, there are already 5 people applying for the project. For details of the case, please click '. 4. There are many manufacturers controlling the cost of wifi smart sockets. If there is no price advantage, it is also difficult for customers to accept, which requires developers to control the cost of wifi module in selection. If wifi module comes with single chip microcomputer, try not to add single chip Microcomputer. On the one hand, it can save cost, on the one hand, it also makes the hardware area smaller. V. Product positioning product positioning actually refers to the definition of product function. A good product is much more expensive in functional application. In order to make gimmicks, many sockets on the market integrate many unnecessary functions together, and the products developed are large in area and high in cost, after the user bought it back, he found that many functions were not used at all, which did more harm than good. At present, the popular functions of smart sockets include: timed automatic sockets, mobile phone remote control appliances, intelligent human body sensing, Video Remote Monitoring, voice control, etc. Of course, there are many smart sockets designed for specific application environments, such as the 'Lorawan smart metering socket' requirement released by the Express package before, users need load voltage, load current, power, power factor, electricity statistics and other monitoring functions, because this is different from general consumer goods, this scheme is applied to industrial control.
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