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FISHCAT Smart Camera for Smart Home

FISHCAT Smart Camera for Smart Home


The FISHCAT smart camera is quite complete in hardware configuration and software functions. It can realize 1080P high-definition panoramic monitoring, intelligently recognize human figures and support tracking, and effectively avoid false alarms. The intelligent identification and monitoring of the sound can also go both ways, and find the "change" in the home in time. Whether it is looking after the elderly and children at home, or as a security mechanism to protect the property at home, the FISHCAT smart camera can be said to be 18 kinds of martial arts proficient, giving you a peace of mind.

HD panoramic dynamic monitoring

The camera must first have a wide shooting range, so that there are few dead angles to monitor. It is best to be able to take a panoramic shot. Of course, the camera must be clear enough.

Status real-time alarm

Home cameras that are positioned as security should have real-time picture monitoring and abnormal push alarms, so that we can know the situation at home in the first place.

Voice dialogue function

If a thief is really at home, the camera only has a push alarm function, we can only watch the thief slip away, but have a voice function to try to scare away the bad guys; it can also be used as a reminder when the child is not seriously online.

Cloud data storage

The intelligent camera generally stores videos locally, but long-term recording will make the memory card full and lose the function of saving data. Now cloud technology is so developed that video can be synchronized to the cloud and you can view it at any time.


FISHCAT smart camera has AI human shape recognition function. In actual use, it can correctly recognize human form and face. When wearing objective masks such as masks and doubles, no matter whether one or more people appear on the screen, they can still be correctly recognized.

And even more powerful is that FISHCAT smart home security camera supports humanoid tracking. When a humanoid is recognized, the camera will automatically follow the movement of the person, track the position of the person in real time, and record key information.

It is commendable that in addition to human shape recognition, the camera can further track the position of the face on the basis of human shape tracking, and adjust the lens as much as possible to make the human face clear.

When an abnormal situation occurs, the FISHCAT smart camera will automatically synchronize the information to the smart cloud APP, providing us with the latest situation in real time.


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