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Does Fishcat Smart Home System provide ODM service?
If you have limited resources in building and creating designs, Beijing Huaxia Shenghe International Consulting Co., Ltd.can turn the concepts into concrete and tangible items. Tell us what are needs and expectations. In this approach, we take care of the R&D, product concepts, testing and manufacturing. A visit to our factory is welcomed. It will help you to gain an insider's perspective to us and to know how we operate.

Fishcat Smart Home System is very adept at manufacturing and supplying prime tubular motor for customers and users. Fishcat Smart Home System's wifi remote control series are created based on unremitting efforts. Such pattern design of tubular motor is exquisite and special. People can take it anywhere for various purposes including propaganda, holding an opening ceremony, or commercial exhibition. It allows users to control their home systems with mobile devices with either iOS or Android.

Fishcat Smart Home System always regards product R&D and technological innovation as the internal driving force. Contact us!
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