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Do you understand the intelligent smoke detection alarm?

Do you understand the intelligent smoke detection alarm?


The intelligent WiFi smoke detection alarm is a common fire warning device, which can accurately sense the smoke produced by the fire at the early stage of the fire and quickly warn people. Generally installed in homes, Internet cafes, nursing homes and other places to detect smoke. Smart smoke detectors are generally powered by dry batteries and do not need to be connected to a fire alarm controller. They are easy to install and use, and can achieve independent detection and independent alarm.

In general, the fire development process can be roughly divided into the initial stage, the development stage, and the attenuation stage. Intelligent smoke detectors have the function of early detection of fire signals. Their general principle is to prevent fire by detecting the concentration of smoke. When a substance burns, it often produces smoke first, followed by visible and invisible light, and there is always a process when the substance starts to burn until the fire gradually becomes larger. "Signal" and convert the "captured" "signal" into an electrical signal and transmit it to the controller of the automatic fire alarm system.

The intelligent wireless smoke detector is composed of a light source, a photoelectric element and an electronic switch. It uses the principle of light scattering to detect the smoke generated in the early stage of the fire and sends out an alarm signal in time. Its working principle is to use a light-emitting element and a light-sensitive element. The light normally emitted by the light-emitting element strikes the light-sensitive element through the lens, and the circuit maintains normal. If smoke is blocked from it, the light reaching the photosensitive element will be significantly weakened, so the photosensitive element converts the light intensity change into a current change, and sends an alarm signal through the amplifier circuit.

Sometimes it is inevitable that it will be affected by the external environment and its own defects, resulting in false alarms and false alarms of the detector. Therefore, in use, in order to avoid and reduce false alarms and false alarms of smoke detectors as much as possible, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to avoid the occurrence of external interference factors and the detector's own defects.

In life, we should pay attention to intelligent smoke alarm detectors in time to prevent fire prevention.

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