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Colored Light Bulbs to Set the Mood

by:Fishcat     2020-04-11
We all love colors. We know that they can influence our moods and they can especially lift our spirit! Maybe you heard before that the best light is the normal white or yellow one. These are the ones that don't hurt our eyes so much. However, sometimes having a different color light can be really fun. Some people like to use colored light bulbs either at parties - in order to induce a certain mood to the guests - or maybe simply to have a more interesting environment in a certain room. You could practically use colored light bulbs anywhere in the house, although it is recommended not to put them in areas where you need to be careful what you're doing. Such areas include the kitchen and maybe the bathroom too. Because the bulbs are colored, the light that comes from them is also colored and some people can get disoriented because of it. You wouldn't want that in the kitchen, where there can be sharp objects or in the bathroom, where you could slip. Overall, light bulbs can be really fun to have around. The best thing about them is their really low prices. If you want to purchase some standard sized colored bulbs to fit in your lamps or on the ceiling, you have multiple options. If you want to create a feeling of 'cold' and 'calm' in a room, a blue light bulb would help you a lot. For a smaller light, you can get a 25 Watt bulb, but for an intense light, you should go for a 60 Watt bulb. Some people really like red bubs in their bedrooms. It creates a more 'wild' atmosphere. However, orange can also be pleasant. The color options are numberless. The price for any of these light bulbs will probably be around $1.65 in most of the stores where you will find them. Get multiple colors in order to have more options of changing your room's environment whenever you want to. The price is low, so you will not need to spend lots of money for it. You could take advantage of having these colors for taking some artistic photos inside your house. You will notice how interesting your features will be in a green light for an example. Play with the colors and enjoy the moods they induce to you. It ought to be fun, so try it now!
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