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Business scope of Fishcat Smart Home System
Being one of the premier suppliers of tubular motor, Beijing Huaxia Shenghe International Consulting Co., Ltd.has found our value in helping people gain benefits from the products. We are engaged in a wide range of businesses covering product design, independent R&D, manufacturing, and sales, through which can provide customers with the maximum convenience and benefits. With a group of professionals who are all familiar with our products and company structure, they are guaranteed to serve customers with our greatest devotion and the fullest passion. Our everlasting goal is to bring a steady stream of revenue to customers and strive forward towards being an internationally recognized company.

Fishcat has always topped and will continue topping the wifi led controller market. Fishcat Smart Home System's curtain motor series are created based on unremitting efforts. Translucence is its most significant feature. The product has a white and translucent surface after firing, allowing light to show through it. Created by professionals who are experienced in AI, hardware plug-ins, chips, etc., it has a reliable design. Apart from making people more attractive, this product enables them to project a certain personal image to others. It can be integrated with the temp sensor, current sensor, or infrared emitter.

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