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Benefits of Smart WiFi Socket SWA1

Benefits of Smart WiFi Socket SWA1


A smart wifi socket SWA1 has the power to turn any regular electrical wall plug into a smart one. In today's connected world, having this useful device means you'll have more control over all the things you plug in your home, including modern furniture and appliances.


A 'smart' power socket looks just like a normal socket, with a thicker design and more pronounced bulk. Operation is easy- just point the metallic prongs to the wall socket, plug it in and voila! The wi-fi socket should be powered up and ready to go. With the use of an app and a process that only takes less than 5 minutes, the device will be connected to your home or office Wi-Fi and able to manage almost everything you plug in.

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Here are benefits of smart WiFi socket SWA1:


Access Your Home Anywhere You Are


One of the main benefits of smart appliances and devices is that they can be controlled remotely. This means that even when you're on the commute, driving to work or spending a day or two outside the country for business or vacation reasons, you'll always have a way to turn those devices on or off.


As long as your smartphone, tablet or computer is connected to the internet, you can activate or deactivate the smart socket. In today's world, you should be able to acquire a data signal via 3G or by connecting to a public Wi-Fi network. It's like having the world's most powerful remote that allows you to manage your home 24/7.


You won't have to worry whether you've left the coffeemaker, the curling iron or your TV open and spend the day in uncertainty. With the help of the Wi-Fi socket you can shut the wall socket off as needed for guaranteed peace of mind.


Turn Any Appliance Smart

What if there's a way to turn any appliance you have in your home a part of your network? Even your most traditional appliance, such as your juicer, refrigerator, game console, lamp and AC can become 'smart' with the help of the smart wifi socket swa1.


Once an appliance becomes connected, you'll gain a few useful functions immediately. The ability to be turned on or off without having to go near the device and press the manual switch is one. You can also set a time or day for when you need it turned on when you wake up in the morning (to make coffee), or as soon as you arrive home in the evening (to cool the room).


You won't need a manual or a step by step guide to turn your wall plug into a smart-capable socket. The good thing about it is that it only takes less than a minute to set up, and that any family member can do it. The fun lies in seeing where you could improve your home- do you automate your kitchen tasks, or want to control your indoor and outdoor lighting? You'll certainly want to get as many of these smart Wi-Fi sockets as you can.


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Save Money and Energy

A smart wifi socket swa1 is unlike a dumb socket in that it's energy efficient. The moment you push the 'off' switch, the appliance immediately stops drawing electricity. For appliances that you only need to use a few minutes a day, e.g., the microwave oven, toaster, juicer, coffee maker, etc., keeping them plugged in will cost you more money in the long run. The only problem is, not everyone will have the patience to plug their appliance in and take it out the socket after use.


The ability to remotely shut off the socket and power it on is more convenient than having to walk over and manually unplugging the device. Saving money on electricity bills becomes a whole lot easier when you get the wi-fi socket.


The best way to save energy is to invest in these smart sockets and plug your most energy-demanding appliances in. Your TV, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and electric stove can become smart and save you money in the process.


Integrates with Other Technology

Aside from unlocking features such as timed on and off, remote operation and energy savings, you can integrate the smart wifi socket swa1 into existing technologies to make it even smarter.


For example, you may have an Amazon Echo device that recognizes voice commands. You can use it to dim, shut off or turn on the smart lights in your home, or control music playback when you're having a party or a formal event. This functionality can be integrated with the smart socket wi-fi, which means you won't need an app or your mobile phone and connect to the internet to manage the appliance. You can simply say, 'Alexa, turn off my washing machine' and the AI will do the rest. The smart plug also works with Google Assistant and other AI systems.


Has Safety Features

Last but not the least, the smart wifi plug will have safety features so you won't have to worry about breaking the socket and the appliance that's plugged in.


The materials used are flame retardant up to 750 degrees C. There's anti-shock protection, European CE, US FCC and CQC certification. The thickness is based on international standards and have been touch-tested before being sold to consumers.


The only thing you have to do is find the perfect spot for the smart wifi socket swa1 and the appliance it will power. High-grade components ensure your smart sockets will last as long or even outlive your current appliances.



The smart wi-fi socket swa1 supports Android devices with 4.2 and above and iOS devices with 8.0 and above. The wireless standard is B/G/N and for 2.4 GHz range. Thanks to the smart plug, you can turn any appliance you have in your home or office into a smart one and gain even greater control on when it operates. It's unobtrusive, very easy to install and set up and best of all, saves you money in the long run.


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