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Are Fake Security Cameras Effective For Home Security?

by:Fishcat     2020-05-27
Ask all those people who have installed fake security cameras in their houses and their answer is going to be a very emphatic 'yes.' There are always detractors who are going to moan that dummy cameras are not as effective as real security cameras, but we are looking for one major action from our security systems and that is the prevention of crime in the area. A well-made fake camera is not only an effective deterrent to incipient burglars, but it can also prevent them from casing out the area as a potential burglary target. So what are the benefits of these cameras? Really well-made fake security cameras are going to look like the real thing. They are placed in highly visible spots so that anybody passing by can see them clearly. Some people may just shrug their shoulders and say, 'no, I am pretty sure that he has not installed an expensive security system to monitor us...' On the other hand, do you really want to take the chance that they are not being recorded while burglarizing the safe, tonight? So as an effective deterrent, nothing can beat a good fake security camera system. These cameras work on batteries. Some of them are going to have lights switched on, thereby 'proving' that they are sending information to a connected and monitored TV. And best of all, you are getting total security at a fraction of the cost of a full-fledged security camera system. Just imagine a would-be burglar making up his mind to burglarize a home. He looks around the perimeter of your house or your office complex and notices the dummy camera. He sees it, swinging from side to side. He knows that somebody is monitoring the premises and this visual information is being recorded somewhere. He decides to go and burglarize the unmonitored office or house next door. Well, don't you think that investing in a fake security camera paid off rich dividends? Did you know that a large number and percentage of cameras in public places like subway stations and railway stations are actually fake? A number of them are real, but the rest 'look' like the real stuff. Not only has the crime rate gone down in those places, but the crime statistics have also been drastically reduced. So a really well-made security camera, which 'looks' like the real thing, is going to be an effective deterrent to potential pickpockets and purse snatchers. In the same manner, a number of major retail shops all over the world have dummy cameras placed in strategic places. The idea is 'Big Brother is watching you, so do not dare to try any shoplifting.' The retailers have noticed an 80% drop in shoplifting, ever since these cameras have been installed. A shoplifter instinctively looks up and looks around for a monitoring camera before he decides to pick up that YSL silk tie. The moment he sees a camera glaring down at him, he changes his mind really quickly and leaves the store with that stylish silk tie still in place. These dummy and fake CCTV cameras are extremely effective in deterring highway drivers from speeding up on those long-deserted stretches of road. They cannot be very certain whether their burst of speed is being monitored by the traffic wardens or not; so they would rather be safe than sorry. So, choose fake cameras and install them in easily visible places all over your house and office.
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